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Social media has blurred line in geographical borders and with that comes a more globalized approach to fashion. With diversity, cultural influences and embracing of varying styles, the world of social media has brought universality to the world of fashion. All in all, if you are looking to make your mark in the world of fashion, social media could aid you in giving a head start. From brands to entrepreneurs, the distinctive qualities of social media give every one a tremendous room of opportunity for growth and globalization.


Influencer Marketing

Bloggers and influencers top the social media marketing list, posting pictures with endorsed products in collaborations with brands, consumers are getting a review based on individuals they perceive to be like themselves over the models they picture in the brand campaigns.


Real Time Buying

Instagram pages of brands now have the option to sell their products directly from the app. This allows consumers to tap on the product featured on the page, see the price and with a click buy the product. A fairly new feature to Instagram, it has helped upcoming brands connect quicker with users, improve sales and create wider awareness.


Consumer Connect

With brands having a strong presence on social media, consumers are more in touch with brands. Brands are able to connect directly with their consumers by allowing them to ask questions in real time, understand what they expect from their comments and get a first hand insight into how consumers perceive their label, collections or even a particular product. The brands also indulge in tutorials hosted often by a member of their team, ambassador or in collaboration with an influencer. The tutorials communicate how the brand want their product to be used and sometimes through social media campaigns, brands repost the pictures posted by consumers which acts an incentive to buy their products.

Image Source: Burberry


High Fashion and Fashion Weeks

The fashion weeks have become more of a global event courtesy of behind the scenes on Snapchat, live feed from the runway on Instagram stories, fast updates on Facebook and even live story boards on Pinterest. The trends from fashion weeks in this process reach consumers from across the world and thus other brands too adapt runway trends at a faster pace. This butterfly effect of social media creates a pattern of global fashion making it a more and more culturally diverse industry every day.

Image Source: Mashable


Brands Becoming Global

Several brands are now even going international thanks to the inter connectivity of social media, they are able to gauge where the demand for products of their likes is desired and thus actively become open to selling their products across borders. This especially benefits smaller, local brands that want to expand their products beyond their local region and sell at a greater scale. The process of posting on social media and getting responses directly from potential consumers imitates a market research survey in certain ways! Even bigger brands are using the responses from social media to broaden their horizons and target international audiences.

Image Source: Bobbi Brown

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