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Find. Create. Connect.

Dapper. Enter fashion.

Fashion is a dreamer’s game. It’s always changing. What is haute couture one day is mundane the next. Trends rise and fall as fashion houses introduce new styles and old ones become obsolete, or fuel the next generation of ideas. Past and future are linked in a timeless ebb and flow. The only way to keep up is to move with the tides.

Dapper is your chance to do that. Here, you’ll have the chance to join the conversation. In the era of social media, influencers with a passion for fashion can bring their A-game to the industry. Every day, up-and-coming purveyors of style like you create, originate, and pursue their dreams. They disrupt tradition, subvert stale expectations, and forge their own icons.

Dapper is for you. Dapper is a place for dreamers.

We created a platform for brilliant young designers, models, and anyone else with an eye for style to share their work. With Dapper, you can find the pieces you’ve been searching for and showcase your ideas to a community of like-minded, savvy individuals. We offer you access to the latest trends in haute couture and the most exciting voices in fashion from across the globe. Dapper is the ultimate online fashion experience, thanks to three core features:

Find. Create. Connect.



Brands are cataloged within a cohesive, clean display that showcases their suite of products in detail. If a piece catches your eye or piques your curiosity, you’ll be able to click through to the brand’s website to follow up. With new styles posted daily, you can refine your taste, expand your horizons, and keep pace with changing trends, leaving you perfectly equipped to fulfill your fashion aspirations.



Even the sharpest and most creative designer needs raw material to work with. Our solution is an innovative tool allowing you to create styles and brand them as your own using virtual copies of clothes you have your eye on or that you already own. Move pieces around, add a few more items in, try new combinations, and incorporate them into a finished look.



Fashion needs an audience. You’ll find one on Dapper, where you can post your creations, meet other designers and models, and compare notes. You’ll open up opportunities for one another as you express your ideas and opinions and ask for suggestions. With Dapper, you can inspire the people around you and build connections across the world.