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S e x y

Dressing sexy is often an indicator that a person enjoys being liberated. These people are good at social interactions and are the life of the party. They make great friends, are good with new people, and are usually fun individuals.

People who are “sexy” dressers are comfortable in their own skin and unafraid of being bold and beautiful. They are quite the adventurers. They like to keep their wardrobe classy to best complement their characteristics.

Their fashion statements are bright and bold to match their high level of energy and exuberance. They are well-read and can turn around any situation if they put their mind to it.

They often find themselves in leadership positions because they like in-depth analysis and have an eye for details that others are likely to miss. They are open to their sensuality, which indicates their willingness to shatter traditional expectations and cross the boundaries of societal norms.


B o h e m i a n

Bohemians pay attention to detail. They create a friendly and harmonious environment whilst also being responsible and committed. These individuals stay away from stark differences like black and white. They are sensitive, friendly, and generous, and live in the present. They enjoy everything happening around them.

Bohemian dressers are intrigued by a wide spectrum of prints, patterns, and deeper reds, rich greens, and ethnic burgundies. These are people who love working around specifics and are likely to create an outfit by pairing up pieces that complement one another perfectly.

Their fashion choices reflect their approachable personality and creative freedom. Bohemian dressers’ clothing brings out their artistically-inclined personalities and their choice to live an upbeat and unconventional lifestyle. Bohemians are not fans of deadlines because they are keen on freedom. However, they are creative and optimistic, and their confidence shines through.

Another interesting fact about this style of dresser is that they are good at creating connections and have a spirit as free as a bird. Bold and beautiful is everything in their fashion choices. From experimental to creative, they have it covered.


E d g y

Edgy people are intuitive and resourceful. They are always looking to move things forward or take an interesting direction. They are easily bored with monotony and their fashion statements are unlikely to be repeated again.

An edgy dresser is very likely to have an aura of mystery around them. The darker color palette in their clothing indicates that they are secretive, straightforward, and most likely an introvert. They are looking to conquer all battles as quickly as possible, and are always working to solve problems.

Edgy people are known for being tough with layered personalities that pique the interest of everyone around them. They are always on the go and are spontaneous, hands-on individuals who enjoy the unexpected. This is also true of their fashion choices.


A t h l e t i c

Athletic individuals have an eye for perfection, detail, and patterns. Their impeccable taste is reflected in the fashion choices they make, which are often rare finds or carefully curated ensembles.

Athleisure is their go-to ensemble style and indulging in sporty activities is second nature. Athletic dressers tend to follow fitness regimes, maintain conscious dietary habits, and have an exercise schedule in place. They tend to choose trendy but useful items for their ensembles.

They are unapologetically honest and firm decision makers. This is why their fashion choices are functional, practical, and can be paired with varying looks.


D i r e c t i v e

Directive dressers have the skill sets ideal for leadership. They are spontaneous and enjoy the unexpected, which is also true of their fashion choices.

Donning ensembles that scream authority, they are individuals with a fashion sensibility that is likely to be found at the top of the corporate hierarchy.

They are good with organization and delivering instructions. They are hands-on with tasks assigned, possess great management skills, and provide excellent supervision.

These people are efficient in whatever they do and are problem solvers. Directive dressers are firm decision makers and are honest in their dealings.


U r b a n

Urban fashion is a derivative of hip-hop style apparel. In terms of character, urban dressers have a laid back, upbeat, and fun personality.

They are more inclined towards the abstract, yet are adaptable and quiet. These critical individuals choose fashion pieces that are understated. They are cooperative team players who are determined and focused on their work. Urban dressers like to be appreciated for all that they do. They are always hands-on and ready to take on the next task, so their outfits are always super comfortable.

They combine the best of streetwear with influences of modern high fashion. These people are approachable, friendly, and have a vibrant and colorful personality with a certain rhythm in their physical stature. They like to keep to themselves and maintain minimal social contact.


T i m e l e s s

Timeless dressers are flexible and easy going. This is reflected in their classic fashion sensibilities which often indicate poise and elegance.

They are principle-oriented and idealistic in their reasoning which makes them firm believers in traditional conventions. Though they are quiet and introverted, they never shy away from new trends and experimentation.

They are reserved, polite, and well-spoken. Timeless dressers tend to excel academically and are career-oriented.


F r e e S p i r i t

Free spirit dressers are generous, friendly, and sensitive. They live in the present and enjoy everything around them.

They choose comfort first and fashion second. Being energetic and experimental, they have a sense of detachment and love working around specifics. They like fuss-free but stylish dresses and are likely to create their outfits by pairing up pieces that complement one another perfectly.

Their fashion choices reflect their approachable personality and their lifestyle choices are inspiring. These individuals can create a friendly and harmonious outfit whilst also being responsible and committed.

Free spirit dressers are go-getters who will go to any length to fulfill their desires regardless of the means. However, they are also flexible, easy-going, and like to stay out of the limelight. They are good at analyzing issues which makes them great problem solvers.


C h i c

Up-to-the-minute with the latest runway trends, chicly dressed individuals are all things fashion. Generally, they like bold and beautiful fashion styles.

From making Vogue their holy book to catching up on the latest of every brand, they tend to curate their ensembles and have a forward personality. Experimental to creative, they have it covered.

Though they like to keep to themselves and maintain minimal social contacts, they make great friends. Prim and proper with impeccable organization skills, they are thoughtful perfectionists that strive to look, feel, and give their best at everything they pursue.


M i n i m a l i s t

Just like their name suggests, minimalist dressers like to indulge in simple and straightforward conversations. This is also reflected in their dressing style.

Minimalists are warm-hearted and always like to contribute their time and skills for the benefit of others. Being inclined towards designer aesthetic, they are practical people who put logic first and tend to give their emotions a back seat.

Minimalists have high emotional intelligence and like to work in a manner that enables them to get high-quality end results. They are perfectionists which is why they choose well-tailored but comfortable fashion styles.


R e t r o

Flamboyant in nature, retro dressers ironically have the most open-minded outlooks. They are experimental with prints and patterns, and willing to take on new tasks regardless of what comes their way. Social and friendly, they are whacky, kooky and always have a good joke up their sleeve.

Known for being kind and generous, they are “old school” in their dressing and modern with their personality traits. They are curious and are catalysts of change. They like to put a premium on their values because they are idealistic and principle-oriented.

Their fashion statements are bold, well-structured, and often let on to their meticulous nature. The depth of their thoughts and connections shines through their personality type. Retro dressers are always looking to understand others and always ready to give and gain insights. This is why they like experimenting with new fashion styles.


E m o

Emo dressers also like experimentation and challenges. Aside from this, they are resourceful and intuitive, and are always looking to move things forward or take an interesting direction. Unfortunately, they are easily bored with monotony and their fashion statements are most likely to be repeated again.

They are selective individuals and have soft hearts. They are often misunderstood and outcast by societal norms. Emo types only find comfort in like-minded personalities and tend to have an emotional approach to all aspects of their lives.

They are very curious and are deep in their thoughts. This helps them to understand others and to gain insights into issues. They make bold fashion statements which often indicate their meticulous nature.


S c h o l a s t i c

Scholastic dressers like to dress in fluid fabrics and usually put comfort above everything else. These people are introverts but are easy-going. Scholastics are goal-oriented and have a clear vision of what they desire.

Being excellent decision makers, they sometimes find it difficult to balance their social and work life. These individuals have a dedicated approach to their academic and professional careers and they dress practically to gain optimum functionality.

They are team players who are always focused on their work. Their outfits are usually comfortable, making them always ready for the next task.


B o l d

Bold dressers are individuals who like to be sharply dressed in order to make a strong statement with their ensembles. Being bold, they like to come up with innovative ideas that emphasize originality and independence.

Bold dressers tell it like it is and sport a nonchalant attitude unless their interest is piqued. They are known to function in extremes and to live their experiences to the fullest. Bold dressers are spontaneous, unafraid, and always have a good story to tell.

They are well-read and have leadership qualities because they have a keen eye for detail. These people do not take things for granted and have very high standards on life matters. They keep classy wardrobes which match their character.