The Next Frontier


Augmented reality (AR) refers to mixed reality where objects from the real world and objects from the virtual world co-exist on a single plane of reality visualized by the individual experiencing it. It’s been around since the 1960s, but unlike many other progressive technologies, AR hasn’t really been used by consumers until recently. Even though it grew slowly, it’s now set to become a widely utilized form of technology by many brands and companies around the world. In a Paris fashion show, the brand showcasing the show used the technology of augmented reality. The audience and spectators, through using AR, could scan the models on the runway to see hidden items in the images. This creates an interesting experience where the audience feels connected to the brand and its items.


Online fashion stores utilize augmented reality to solve the generation’s biggest problem, that the customers constantly worry about not knowing how the clothes would look on them before they purchased online. Brands now allow customers to hold phones in front of mirrors and swipe clothes on themselves to see what fits and suits them best. It creates convenience not only for the customer but also for the brand as customer convenience means direct sales as customers are satisfied completely when they see what they’re buying. It cuts down on returns and improves customer satisfaction.

Dapper Contributor