Daily Inspiration

With so many different fashionable styles you can use to put up your own outfit, you’ll feel less stressed out and more inspired throughout the day. You can check out all kinds of clothing combinations and get plenty of ideas from all of them. Not only can you share your own combos, but you’ll be inspiring everyone else in the community to trend up their own wardrobe.


Convenient Shopping

Did we mention you can shop directly in the app? It’s window shopping in your pajamas! All you have to do is sign in to your account, browse featured items, and buy them. No more long lines when paying. And, you can read about honest details of each item with the information given by the seller and not just rely on a salesperson at a stand. Plus read reviews from your friends.



One of the best features in joining Dapper, is having access to a variety of items on one platform. There are countless pieces that come in different sizes, colors, and design. If you see something that caught your attention but want a more vibrant color, you can just find it and ask the retailer directly by chatting with them. You can also ask your circle for suggestions of great finds on the platform.


Lower Pricing

Suppliers in the community give better pricing than physical stores. You can also buy items from direct suppliers which minimizes the fee for middlemen, leading to less expensive products for you! Remember, Dapper ensures that all items posted are real, coming from legit clients. You don’t have to second guess the quality.

Making Connections

You’ll meet all kinds of people, with all kinds of different ideas of fashionable styles. Not only do you get to simply interact with sellers, but you also get a support system that strives on a shared vision of fashion. We promote a community where freedom of expression in style is expected, appreciated, and respected.


Great Customer Support

Having issues? You’ll always get the answer you need from our support team. Our team prides itself on getting back to all inquiries within a few hours.