Relationships of Attraction


It is fairly common for a person to take keen interest or sometimes imitate the habits, hobbies and quirks of their loved ones. However, the theory of opposite attracts and similar repels, is one that has been heard of since decades and a lot of love stories we know of make for perfect examples!


Couple Dressing

Historically, the term used for this type of style is commonly known as cross-dressing. In this, people wearing items of clothing associated with the opposite gender, usually to please their partners. Research shows that people in a relationship who are too much like one another, whether it is in their fashion choices or in terms of their personalities, tend to have shorter lived relationships. In comparison, however, it has been observed that those who are different from each other have it easier in maintaining their relationships for longer periods of time.


Adapting to Each Other

Psychologists measured the result in another test termed, “Inclusion of Other in Self”. The said test discusses the number of personality traits, values, identity and opinions among other facets are shared between the couple. The study accurately measures through the information, the strength and bond between the two in love. It turns out that couples who are neither too close nor too distant have the strongest relationships.


How People Show Love

People in relationships like to care, act, and do all the things, that would make their partner happy. Sometimes going too far by replicating their parteners sense of style may come off as obsessive and odd in some cases. Likewise, it is a lot more common for women to dress in similar color palettes as their partner, but the tendency to imitate the fashion choices of their partner is not trait found in a lot of men.

Adverse & Favorable Effects

Now if we observe individuals that are opposites of one another in terms of their style, perspectives and fashion sensibilities - they tend to lead stable and happy lives with one another. Both partners having the same styling sense can be very redundant and boring for their relationship going forward. It is favorable for the other person to be either totally opposite or at least be different in their fashion choices. This will help combat the monotony between the two while making their relationship more upbeat and exciting.


To cap it off the last and most important thing between couples is love and affection, which makes their relationship long lasting. These things all play second fiddle when two people are truly meant to be together. Experts suggest the secret is not being too close to each other but as close as makes you happy, even if that means being different.

Dapper Contributor