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Models and apparel play the primary roles in the making of a runway show, but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes which refine the whole vibe for the perfect end result. From last-minute alterations and detailed sets to the makeup and the runway music, it takes talent to present a runway show which keeps the audience intrigued and fascinated. Runway music is an important detail for many reasons:

  • Sets the mood for whatever vibe the collection is supposed to portray,

  • Keeps the audience interested and happy, and

  • Gives the model a beat to follow when they walk down the runway.

A runway show would be incomplete without the appropriate music playing in the background and it takes a certain art to figure out which music suits your collection and models the best. Read on to find out what songs you should choose to build the perfect runway playlist for your collection.


Grunge Collection

A grunge collection consists of dark plaid skirts, chains, leather statements, and vampy makeup.

A song like “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys would perfectly accompany grunge and edgy collection on the runway with its Andante tempo of 86 BPM, slow electric guitar, and matching grunge lyrics.

Image Source: Alexander McQUEEN


Fall Collection

A fall collection requires a runway which has a crisp yet welcoming aura, much like the season and a song which makes the audience happy enough to enjoy the upbeat aspects of the clothes.

With a Moderato tempo of 114 BPM and Christmas vibe, “White Teeth Teens” by Lorde is a nostalgically upbeat song which complements the cozy and reminiscent vibe of your fall collection.

Image Source: Saint Laurent


Dark Classic Collection

A classic collection is incomplete without sunless colors like black, maroon, navy blue, and dark green as they are classy and professional.

To harmonize with those sophisticated dark themes, opt for a song like “Sleep Paralysis” by Gabriel Bruce which has a Grave tempo of only 32 BPM plus slow and cynical lyrics sang in a deep voice.

Image Source: Tom Ford


Summer Collection

The beautiful models in colorful bikinis and funky bodies flaunting your summer collection down the runway will get striking confidence and an electrifying beat to walk to.

Play a song like “Cool for The Summer” by Demi Lovato which has an Allegretto tempo of 114 BPM and loud, happy instruments and lyrics.

Image Source: Amaio


Metallic Collection

There’s no better way to give extra points to your already metallic collection by playing futuristic music in the background.

For instance, “21st Century Girls” by BTS will be the perfect fire starter, with its Andante Moderato tempo of 101 BPM, clapping music, and empowering lyrics to hype up the models.

Image Source: DSQUARED2

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