Perception vs Reality


Why do we adapt to this term called fashion and adjust ourselves, changing as it does according to the various seasons and events? What exactly is the purpose of fashion? Some consider the point of fashion to be a method of staying connected, while others consider it to be a tool to enhance your appearance, making you feel confident in your own skin.

However, that brings us to two different roads? Do we take the help of fashion to please others or to satisfy our own selves? Do we dress for ourselves or do we dress just for the attention of others? Many people take the first road, while just as many tend to take the latter. However, there is quite a difference in the reason and the effects of dressing for yourself VS dressing for attention.


Some people like to use fashion in the sense that they can dress up to the nines and look up to the minute, but all that glam and dress up is for the eyes of others only. They dress up to live up to the expectations of others, and blindly follow the hottest and the latest fashion, trends, and styles so that they are accepted by others so that they are most loved in the eyes and the opinions of others. Unfortunately, when pleasing others is the purpose, they often end up forgetting to give preference to their own choices and comfort, neglecting what they love and preferring the attention of others over their own.

Then there are people who make the best use of fashion, taking whatever is ruling in the world of styles and trends and adjusting it according to their own style and comfort. These are the people who dress for themselves only and have their own unique sense of style. This gives them not only the opportunity to make the most of what the fashion is but also gives their whole appearance a positive boost with their confidence and self-love.

While it is alright if you are dressing up to impress certain people on certain occasions, the whole point of fashion is to upgrade and enhance your style and appearance, which is best achieved if you step into it with belief and confidence in yourself, dressing for yourself rather than dressing for attention.

Dapper Contributor